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Reasonable Suspicion Supervisor Training

FREE Reasonable Suspicion Supervisor TrainingAlcohol and drug abuse can be a huge problem in the workplace. Those in a supervisory position need to be trained to see the warning signs of this abuse in the behavior of employees. That is why reasonable suspicion supervisor training is a great asset to any company concerned with alcohol or drug abuse during working hours. It is a great way to potentially avoid a very dangerous situation and can protect all of your employees.

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In the past 20 years, a large percentage of companies have been implementing various types of drug testing to avoid situations where employees are using drugs or abusing alcohol at the workplace. In fact it is a widespread practice to give regular or surprise drug tests to make sure the workplace is free of drug and alcohol abuse. It is important to know that reasonable suspicion supervisor training is an advantage to any company that is thinking about adopting random or scheduled drug testing to their company employment policy to avoid any conflicts.

This was easy for me to modify to meet my needs today—exactly what I was looking for. I needed to develop a course quickly, but I didn't want to kill myself doing it. The content was well developed and broad enough that I could adjust the run time by dropping a few slides rather than having to add slides to make it longer. Thanks!

—Cliff McPherson, Panhandle Energy, Houston, TX

Reasonable suspicion supervisor training is a way to keep productivity and safety always moving upwards. Studies show that people who abuse alcohol in the workplace show low job performance, are almost five times more likely to miss work, and are two times more likely to be injured on the job. The use of illegal drugs on the job can have the same degree of affect in the workplace, and can cause poor behavior, rising health costs, and larger employee turnover rates.

Reasonable Suspicion Supervisor TrainingWhen a company tests for drugs or alcohol there is usually two ways they do this. Everyone is usually asked to take a scheduled drug test at certain times throughout the year. They also ask that random testing be done on those who draw up reasonable suspicion so they are unable to plan for the next testing session. Knowing that they may be tested at any given time may be the best way to keep drugs away from the workplace. Many employees that do not abuse drugs or alcohol in the workplace may feel they are not trusted by the employer if regular testing is done, where random testing happens when there is reasonable suspicion of drug abuse. A “better safe than sorry” approach needs to be taken about the idea behind random drug testing. An employee feeling trusted is definitely important, but an employee being safe is substantially more important. Drug and alcohol abuse on the worksite can compromise the safety all your employees, not just the person who is abusing.

Reasonable suspicion supervisor training will teach supervisors what symptoms to look for if they are suspicious of drug and alcohol abuse. They teach supervisors how to spot tell-tale signs that clue them in that their employees might have a drug or alcohol problem. They also teach what to look for in case of a false positive (when a test comes back positive for a substance, but it’s an error). This can be costly to the company to test someone who is not using drugs, in more ways than one.

Your Reasonable Suspicion Training Program Includes:
  • Role of the Supervisor
    "How to Observe Behavior"

  • World's Best Behavioral Symptoms Checklist
    60 signs and symptoms of drug and alcohol use, understanding drug tolerance and why an intoxicated employee may appear completely sober, the signs, symptoms, effects, impact on the workplace.

  • Effects, Signs, Symptoms, Images, Impact
    Workplace hazards of the five classes of drugs, enabling and stopping common behaviors that encourage enabling avoiding the use of terms such as "functional alcoholic"; how to approach or speak to employees who are possibly drunk, how to document, how to respond to employees when they come back to work. (No other reasonable suspicion training programs are this comprehensive!)

  • It's Complete
    Our reasonable suspicion training program will leave no stone unturned as it seeks to maximize the benefit of your drug and alcohol policy or drug-free workplace program.

  • Beyond the Usual
    Alcohol and drug abuse can happen in any workplace, but untrained supervisors will overlook obvious signs of drunken or toxic behavior unless reasonable suspicion training includes awareness about possible statements employees will make and how to avoid being manipulated by an excuse.

  • Non-DOT
    Most employees jobs are not regulated by the U.S. Department of Transportation. Training includes behavior designed to have a supervisor not insist on a reasonable suspicion test. And what about non-DOT training? Most businesses are not regulated by the U.S. Department of transportation. Schools have intoxicated teachers, and so do departments stores. A playground attendant, trades workers, white collar professionals.

  • Great Fact Sheet, Take-aways, and Handouts
    For example, take a look at this free reasonable suspicion training handout. There are many alcoholic and drug addicted school teachers. We have treated them. We have also treated restaurant workers, and construction employees, even secretaries and administrators, and employees in white collar workplaces. Being drunk on the job has no boundaries and a reasonable suspicion training course must apply to all employees, not just some.

  • Enabling—How Employees Stay Sick
    Our reasonable suspicion training program includes all of the drug and alcohol information you would expect, but also background information specifically designed to motivate supervisors to not overlook, cover-up, deny, or enable employees they know may be under the influence.

  • Our personal experience includes writing alcohol and drug policies, orienting supervisors on such policies, interviewing employees identified as positive for using substances on the job, following employees in treatment, motivating them to stay in treatment when they have threatened to leave, helping them stay sober, following them up after alcohol and drug addiction treatment for several years in many cases, and consulting with supervisors in the workplace who weren't sure if they should confront an employee for reasonable suspicion of using substances or not.

  • Comprehensive trainers guide with alcohol and drug photos and specific information on each substance comes with the PowerPoint Program. You can easily deliver a two hour training--the amount required by the DOT. Our manual supports your reasonable suspicion training package and include plenty of information on enabling, coworker interference, cross-tolerance and cross addiction, how alcoholic employees may appear sober, common lies and excuses, myth busters about alcohol and alcoholism, information on the latest drugs of abuse, and a huge list of behaviors that signal "unfit for duty" or "intoxicated" behavior and much more.

  • Our Guarantee
    100% refund at anytime—ever—should you decide the program does not meet your needs and is not the most intense and effective reasonable suspicion training program you have ever seen. has wonderful training materials for reasonable suspicion supervisor training that will teach the most comprehensive course available anywhere. We will make sure that your supervisors are prepared to handle every aspect of the situation, if they are suspicious that your employees might be using drugs or alcohol on the job. We want to make your workplace a safe and secure atmosphere, where your employees will not have to worry about their well being while working. A safe employee is a happy employee, and eliminating the threat of accidents caused by alcohol or drug abuse is a tremendously important way to keep all of your employees safe. You will be rest assured with the help of’s reasonable suspicion supervisor training.  We want to make sure that your workplace is as efficient and safe as it can be.

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