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Time Management -- Tips and Tricks for a More Productive Life

Time Management -- Tips and Tricks for a More Productive Life

Time Management  -- Tips and Tricks for a More Productive Life

Employees often complain about time pressures. They may feel there are not enough hours in the day to get things done. They also feel pulled and stretched in every direction. Poor time management skills are a leading cause of stress that hurts productivity. This soft-skill shortcoming undermines job satisfaction and it can fuel burnout and conflicts including problematic relationships with the boss and coworkers.

There are best practices for time management. And they are teachable. Just a few tips and tricks can help employees enormously. This education and awareness program that only takes 17 minutes to view is designed to help employees overcome this soft skill challenge with solid practical ideas.

Growing up, we're not taught much about managing time. It's trial and error, and do it as you go. This can lead to bad habits in managing time. Some employees are completely unaware that time management issues are what's sabotaging their productivity. This program will make a difference.

The program comes with professional narration, test questions, and a certificate of completion. The PowerPoint format is editable. Add you can add your logo and program information for a personal look and feel. We can customize other formats for you. These include the Web video format, DVD Player disc format, or the self-contained Web course format that uploads to your Web site. products are for purchase in multiple media formats. There are no limits in use. Nothing extra to pay, no renewals fees. You own products after purchase. Use with your employees or the employees you serve if you are an employee assistance program (EAP) or other workforce service provider.

This program offers concrete ideas, tips, and suggestions that will help your employees improve productivity, reduce stress, get to work on time, and experience fewer personal struggles and motivational conflicts. It will allow employees to enjoy their jobs a more.

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