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Maximizing Your DOT Drug and Alcohol Training Reach with DOT Supervisor Training Online-Tools

Posted by Daniel A. Feerst, BSW, MSW LISW-CP on


Many companies must train DOT supervisors in drug and alcohol awareness so they can spot the signs and symptoms of an employee who might be under the influence while at work. Unfortunately, these businesses often remain extremely frustrated because no matter how hard the try, they can’t reach every supervisor with the needed training. This leaves risk on the table.

Whether a supervisor is sick, too busy, too far away, or simply stuck with a flat tire on the way to training, there always seems to be a handful of these managers who slip through the cracks, and thereby create delays in getting their DOT Drug and Alcohol Training. It may be very difficult to catch up to these individuals with traditional training.

What’s worse, some of these supervisors who skip out of training actually have drug or alcohol problems themselves and skipping out of a DOT training class is an expression of their denial and anxiety. And believe it, this is not  subconscious behavior. It's real resistance.

The solution to the above set of problems is  DOT supervisor training online without having to pay an arm and a leg for it. Without such a tool, the risk is potentially enormous for letting these supervisors not get the DOT drug and alcohol training the need. If you have a lot of supervisors, online training can allow you to reach them anywhere and if you own the right kind of online training tool installed on your own web server, then you are at a great advantage. You can email supervisors a start link and direct that they complete the training.

Any type of DOT Drug and Alcohol Training will be undermined if supervisors are not offer concrete performance indicators that can be associated with drug or alcohol use. The tendency with the U.S. DOT is to teach signs and symptoms of substance abuse. This is great, but there is a lot more to DOT supervisor training that symptoms of use.

They tried this in the 1950’s--teaching supervisors alcohol abuse and alcohol symptoms. It didn't work. It doesn’t work! If you teach these signs and symptoms, supervisors hardly ever, if ever, spot a alcohol or drug using employee on the job. The tragedy is that after training is completed, many supervisors walk away with no understanding of how important it is to monitor job performance, attendance patterns, availability, disappearing on the job and similar productivity measures. You can image how important it is to have these things all spelled out in DOT Supervisor Training Online. And we provide them with our courses either for one supervisor who needs training or all the supervisors in the company with our PowerPoint, DVD, Video, or Web course options.

Another secret few people understand about DOT Drug and Alcohol Training is that supervisors often chicken out instead of confront employees, however if you can train supervisors to focus on the behavioral/performance signs and symptoms, it becomes much easier to confront employees and make a referral to an EAP or drug testing facility. It is easier because there are no arguments over the subjective nature of how the employees appears, but the quantifiable information associated with measurable performance criteria.

Confrontation is a lot about attitude—an attitude that is grounded in the chronic disease model understanding of the illness. If this not the case, supervisors become skittish. You don’t want that because behavioral problems will grow worse.

So with the Web course you have a lot of leverage to “back supervisors into a corner” and have them finally accept help. Also, this is critical. You do not want supervisors to skip ahead in a DOT supervisor training online tool, so make sure whatever web course you do purchase, that it requires the supervisor to click through each frame. This way they do not fall asleep and are force to stick with it until the end. Yes, you read the right. You will have people fall asleep if you just put a program on automatic and let it run. So your DOT Supervisor Training Online should be sponsored by your company with your own course software (very inexpensive) and the program must be locked so it does not permit advancing the frames forward until one frame is finished.

Let me say something critical about the illegal drug scourge we all face in society. Parents and family members learn from the DOT Drug and Alcohol Training you offer and if nothing else will use this information in their own personal lives to confront spouses or teenagers who may be abusing drugs. You must give these employees a positive message, but at the same time you can’t have them going off half cocked without accurate information. So pass out the EAP or intervention training phone numbers you have available so people can get help. DOT Supervisor Training Online will motivate them to take the next step in getting help for themselves or a family member.

Do make your DOT supervisor training online a strong educational program that talks about substance abuse in general and offers clear and convincing evidence about addictive disease and substance abuse so parents are empowered to confront their teenagers to prevent life long destruction caused by drug of abuse or alcoholism.

Do not be surprised if supervisors start twitching in their seats a bit when the content in your presentation turns to alcoholism. 10-12% of those in the room will be alcoholic supervisors and you should anticipate individuals challenging each other on whether alcoholism is a disease (it was declared such in 1957 by the American Medical Association) and much more. 

These are people with personal experience concerning alcoholism and substance abuse in their families. Many have strong opinions. I am hoping through such discussions however, that you see the valuing in having content in your DOT drug and alcohol training that goes beyond the usual dry content given to supervisors. If you create an emotional hook with content, you give your supervisors more motivation to act when the times comes. 

A final thought. Your DOT drug and alcohol training online must include fantastic DOT handouts along with the Certificate. Supervisors will remember training and feel motivated to act.

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