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E115 -Saying No to Your Child


Product Description

First 100 Words
No one wants a spoiled, unruly child. That’s why it’s important to lay down the law and show your kids who’s boss, right? Well, yes … and no. If your child is constantly steamrolling your objections and getting his way through whining, badgering, and tantrums, then something is clearly wrong. This is obvious to most parents, even if they don’t know how to correct the problem.

But if you find yourself barking “no” dozens of times a day, then you’re just on the other side of the same problem. Here are some techniques to help keep your kids in line without becoming the house tyrant . . .

When To Use
Learn how to say no to prevent a lifetime problems; understanding “no” and effectiveness with child communication; techniques for getting cooperation.

How to Use
Brown bag luncheons, waiting rooms, gen. education, counseling.