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E107 - Protecting Your Kids from Stealth Marketing


Product Description

First 100 Words
There’s a well-organized campaign of psychological exploitation happening at this very moment, and your kids are its primary target. It’s not illegal, and there is no reason for panic. There is call for awareness, however. It’s all about the marketing of goods and services.

Decades ago, marketers discovered that one of the easiest ways to get parents to open their wallets is to use their kids as leverage, and they’ve been perfecting their techniques ever since. What they do works. Today, studies show that many three-year-old children can recognize an average of 100 brand logos. By the time they’re 10, the number reaches 300 to 400 . . .

When To Use
Children are unwitting targets of corporate marketing. Here’s some awareness to help parents be more aware and be in more control.

How to Use
Brown bag luncheons, health unit lobby distribution, general education.