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I’ve been meaning to tell you how much we really appreciate the free resources you’ve been sharing!!!  The topics have been very relevant and timely.  They also align very nicely with the health/wellness direction that WorkLife Hawaii is heading.  For example, the “Sleep:  Productivity and You” handout is excellent.  We look forward to the Opioid tip sheet.

Naomi S. CEAP, LSW, ACSW, Director, EAP

“Our employees call me immediately if FrontLine Employee is not in their office on the designated day of arrival. As a provider of both internal and external EAP services, this is our most valuable marketing and educational tool. We routinely get compliments on the timeliness and quality of content. We have won EAP contracts because of this newsletter.”

Melvina MacDonald, Tallahassee Memorial Hospital

" has conscientiously developed software programs of superior quality featuring color graphics, and relevant information. Dan Feerst's (the publisher) employee training programs are user friendly and address all of our training needs."

David Hugo, David Hugo and Associates

"We have just received and reviewed the Reasonable Suspicion Training for Supervisors program and once again you have produced an excellent product. We would like to keep it."

-- Joan McRonald, Employee Assistance Programme of Bermuda


“We have been a subscriber of Frontline [both Employee and Supervisory Editions] for just about a year and a half now.  The response from our subscribers has been fantastic.  It has made our job of finding material to publish a million times easier and taken the dread from my staff trying to scramble to put something together.  Admittedly, we often have to edit and adapt the articles to our own particular audience [schools, libraries and not-for-profit organizations] but it is a thousand times easier to make some editorial changes than to develop the material from scratch.  We have found the topics in the Employee Edition to be succinct, insightful and research supported.  The Supervisory edition uses a Q&A format that is fantastic for my busy administrative readers who can quickly skim to find questions of personal intrigue.  Most of the “Answers” are in line with our ethos as an EAP and sometimes we provide our own research to further develop and elucidate our audience.   Keep up the great work!”

Dr. Michael L Miles, LCSW-R, ACSW
Program Administrator Human Support Services                        
Eastern Suffolk BOCES