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Stress Management Techniques and Tips: Fun Is Coming!

Posted by Daniel A. Feerst on

Oh boy, some Monday mornings can sure be difficult. Oh, and the Sunday night dread. Oh, what if it is a rainy Monday. Cold.

Stress Management Technique and Tip

Cold and rainy. Nope, doesn't get any worse. If only there was a way to change our attitude in a second because coffee barely scratches the surface. A book should be written about stress management techniques and tips for Monday mornings, but it doesn't exist yet, how about this idea. 

Remember the relief and positive feelings you experienced during the week just before you went on your last vacation? No matter how stressful it was, you found an oasis in your mind when you thought about what was coming soon. 

Pay attention--despite the stress of the job, every time you thought about the pending vacation, you got a little energy boost. Your attitude instantly became pumped. Nothing could faze you. Too bad you can’t bottle that energy, right? Well, you can come real close by learning to control stress and build up your resilience with the following technique.

Here’s a pro tip to manage on-the-job stress and increase resilience: Decide by Tuesday each week, what you are doing for fun during the coming weekend. Even something small, such as knowing that you are going to a movie with a friend, can create an image for distraction and forward-looking pleasure. It may not be the same as knowing you’re going on vacation, but you’ll capture a little of that kind of energy with just a little planning.

When you give yourself something to look forward to, you experience something called resilience.

At work, resilience is the ability to bounce back from stress as well as handle challenges in such a way that you grow from them. Resilience is protection from burnout, job dissatisfaction and lack of engagement.

Practice this stress management tip of penciling in your weekend plans early in the work week.

You will discover that your mind automatically shifts its focus to this image of forward-looking opportunity and fun at the most stressful moments during your week. You’ll find you have more physical stamina and more energy for your friends and family after you leave work.

If you are beginning to feel worn down at work, consider making an appointment with the EAP. Trained counselors can help you learn some new strategies to create and expand your resilience. Coping skills and ideas for self-care can make all the difference if you are hovering near burnout. 

Would you like a Stress Management Education program for your company that has hundreds of tips, and will run like a movie in PowerPoint show format? Take a full preview look at our Ten Essential Stress Management Tips. It is two PowerPoint programs--you get both--a 30 min program is available here.

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