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What Everyone Needs to Know About Fentanyl Poisoning


Product Description

This is a education and awareness program about Fentanyl poisoning (not just overdose anymore!) and the danger fentanyl poses to those who may attempt to purchase or acquire drugs of abuse "on the street" that may contain it. Use this program to educate employees, family members, or the general public. It's perfect also for training supervisors and catching them up on opioid issues.

The program includes professional narration, and is editable, brandable, and about seven minutes in length.

About this product:

- HERE ARE THE HIGHLIGHTS: Fentanyl crisis; what is fentanyl; carfentanil, a new more lethal drug; why is fentanyl dangerous; why do prescription opioid users turn to street drugs; how to protect yourself; signs of use, overdose; what treatment is available; using your company's employee assistance program.

- MULTIPLE,FLEXIBLE FORMATS: Choose editable PowerPoint, DVD Player Disc, Web video, or the full featured Web course* that you can easily upload to your Web site.  Online use allows you to email your start link to any person or audience.

- SUPERIOR CONTENT: This program relies upon the latest information available from the National Institute of Drug Abuse and Centers for Disease Control, and is authored in non-complex language to help viewers with any educational background understand the information contained. All media formats contain a reproducible handout(s), test questions with answer/check, and reproducible Certificate of Completion.

- DISCOUNTS FOR MULTIPLE FORMATS: Need the PowerPoint, but want the Web course? Additional formats are 50% off the lower costing format.

- BRANDABLE PRODUCTS: All programs are editable, brandable, and can include your own handouts, logo, program information, or unique content. We can assist you with customizations.

- WOW CUSTOMER SERVICE: If you have purchased products in the past, then you know that we are available ALMOST 24/7 to help you with questions, special requests, and offer tips on using programs, uploading Web courses to your server, and more.

- *UNIQUE WEB COURSE FEATURES: web courses are easy to upload and use. They are fully self-contained. You pay no additional fees and own the product forever. If ever an update is issued, it is never over $99 and many if not most, are free. We issue two copies of the Web course to you upon purchase. Format "ADMIN" is for administrative purposes and allows you to jump to any part of the Web course for whatever reasons you may need to do so. "RESTRICTED" format is what we recommend you use online. With this format, the learner can't skip frames and must stay engaged, click through the full program, see each frame, and only then reach the test questions, handout(s), and Certificate of Completion. The certificate of completion is "time-stamped", personalized, and can be printed, or copied and emailed to the testing administrator.

- EASY LMS INTEGRATION: SCORM or AAIC are available as options to accommodate your company's learning management system (LMS). Ask for more information or phone us with questions. Other LMS formats are also available.

- NO LIMITS--YOU OWN IT: You pay only once for this product. There are no restrictions on the number of viewers or frequency of use. There are no additional fees. We do ask, however, that online formats be protected by an unindexed Web page or login/password you create for your employees so the content can't be used by unauthorized persons discovering your Web site's content on the Internet. Your Web master can assist you with these tasks, and we can also speak directly with your Webmaster.