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Many Ways the EAP Can Help: Employee Assistance Program Orientation

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Product Description

Many Ways the EAP Can Help

Unlocking the potential of your EAP means one thing—having employees and supervisors use the program for more reasons and more often so your utilization is increased and the risk in the organization or organizations you serve is reduced.

Are you maximizing the power of your EAP? You will after you purchase this program.

This program contains many ways the EAP can help employees. It was created to promote and market your EAP to the entire work organization and let them know all that you can do. If you have been frustrated by low utilization or feel like the word just isn’t getting out the EAP, this presentation product is your missing link to more top of mind awareness.

Act now to show top management how you are reaching out and demonstrate to them all the ways in which you are promoting employee health and wellness. Don't put your EAP at risk for not doing enough to educate employees about its capabilities. This is crucial to your EAP's utilization. So, let’s maximize the impact of your EAP.

Employee assistance programs can help employees with almost any personal problem or concern, whether or not it affects their job. Most people don’t understand how profound this simple statement actually is. It means nearly every troubling concern has a place in the EAP office, even if it is just a listen and refer step.

The more employees your EAP sees, the more impactful it is to the organization. And here’s why: EAP can assess or diagnose problems. Employees risk seeking help from community resources that won't solve problems or could make problems worse.  Prevention requires educating employees about the EAP's capabilities. Don't put your EAP at risk for under utilization.

Don't struggle with this problem any longer. Create awareness for your program by letting employees know how best to utilize the EAP with this powerful presentation/program (or web course) called 25 Ways the EAP Can Help. It will educate employees about your EAP's true capabilities by identifying more employee issues and then helping the employees reach the right form of help the first time. Prompt referrals with examples of problems the EAP can help resolve. Reduce risk to your organization and increase utilization with this no fluff, fast moving, practical and memorable program.

Choose from multiple formats but don't wait. This program is portable. Send it anywhere your employees are located when uploaded to your web server. It also allows you to keep a record of employee education and proof of protecting employee health and wellness with a certificate of completion that can be printed and filed. If for any reason you are not completely satisfied with this program or you do not experience an increase in your EAP utilization rate a full refund is yours with no questions asked.




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