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employee health and workplace wellness newsletter editable rename-able

employee health and workplace wellness newsletter editable rename-able

Do Not Try to Create an Internal Newsletter for Your
Company to Improve Communication, Wellness, and
Productivity Until You First Participate in This
Three-Month Free Trial of FrontLine Employee Newsletter.

Don’t burn out. And don’t let a staff member burn out trying to create an internal company employee newsletter or health wellness newsletter. You need a newsletter, but as an assigned duty, it just won’t work.

In the end, trying to do an internal newsletter always flops. You may pass the chore to your assistant. HR might take a whack at it. But in the end, everyone ends up saying: Yeah, we tried to do our own newsletter, but no one could keep up with it.

Despite the value, benefit, and glorious results of improved communication, no company can successfully maintain its own internal newsletter. It requires outside help, but few can pay for it. Big companies pay a fortune! So, most companies do without.

But here’s the good news.

This Amazing Solution Created for You--for FREE

I found the solution! And when the government of the State of New York heard about it, they instantly signed up for their 150,000 employees! So did the U.S. Congress for 12,000 employees! Ditto for hospitals, credit unions, and other employers—all sizes and shapes!

Hello, my name is Daniel Feerst. I am a licensed clinical social worker in South Carolina. My license is #8845. I had quite a crisis at work in 2001. I could not produce our employee newsletter on time no matter how hard I tried. I nearly burned out in my attempts to do it.

Writing on weekends, collecting notes on napkins, planning, organizing, asking for ideas, polling employees (forget it!), or scouring the Internet for stories did not help. I struggled to get it written and finished on time every month. I hated my job because of it, and procrastination was my only refuge. And then an idea hit me like a ton of bricks.

I decided to write the newsletter on weekends, give it to my employer for free, but then offer it to employers like you who needed customization of a workplace wellness, communication, and productivity newsletter—just what they always wanted.

The phones started ringing, and the fax machine started zipping. Subscriptions grew and I soon quit work to start a publishing company. That was 12 years ago! Now, here I am talking to you about it. And, I discovered something else. . .