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Effective Communication in the Workplace: Communication Tips for a Happier Workplace

  • Tips for a Happier Workplace
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Product Description

Promoting Effective Communication in the Workplace

Workplace communication can be a struggle for any organization, but getting communication right can also power up any organization and help it achieve its goals faster. This product can get you started helping your organization reach the "next level" of productivity and success with improved communication between employees, between employees and supervisors, and within the organization as a whole.

This program is available in MS PowerPoint, DVD, Flash Movie for your website, or a Web Course with Q/A, handout, and certificate of completion.

Be sure to include your name and organization in your email request. Phone 1-800-626-4327 if you have any questions.

Communication Tips for a Happier Workplace

Poor workplace communication can take your company down and it can snowball into morale problems and worse. And don’t be fooled, every organization struggles with communication.  Poor communication is linked to poor employee engagement, too. Simply put, you productivity is at risk. . Communication Tips for Happier Workplace will make an instant impact to help improve your organization’s communication on multiple levels.

Give Them The Power To Communicate

In Communication Tips for a Happier Workplace, team members learn the skills needed to communicate more effectively. This is a must-have course for every team member to become aware of how communication affects work relationships, performance, customer service, and the bottom line.  Organizations surveyed time and time again reveal that at every level, communication, or the lack of it, is the most talked about issue that has the greatest impact on the company’s success. When there is clear communication, employees are happier and in turn, more productive.

The importance of communication skills can be seen when good, quality communication occurs that prevents, miscommunication, misunderstandings, and conflict. Good communication produces productive work and performance which ultimately brings the organization closer to its business goals. When the mission, or goals of a company are communicated clearly, everyone understands the direction the organization is heading.  Giving this program to team members enhances opens more clearly the lines of communication.

Communication Affects All Business Activities

Communication is a vital part of optimizing happiness in employees at every level. Within the top four job skills which predict both employee and employer satisfaction, the importance of communication skills are often listed at the top.  Poor communication is often a reason that employees quit jobs or look elsewhere to find other opportunities.   Since people are not born with great communication skills, they must learn them.

In the Communication Tips for a Happier Workplace program, students will learn the importance of effective communication and some key points for clear communication including:

•    How listening impacts communication
•    Communicating verbally
•    Non-verbal communication
•    Electronic communication
•    Using questions skillfully
•    Handling negative emotions
•    And more…

Contributing To A Happier Workplace

Order the Communication Tips for a Happier Workplace program now in convenient media formats including MS PowerPoint, DVD, Flash Movie for your website, or a Web Course (with Q/A, handout, and certificate of completion.).  You will witness a noticeable happier workforce after team members learn the skills to effective and more productive communication.  Order along with Assertiveness Skills and Enabling in the Workplace to provide even more well-rounded experience for your employees.

Effective Communication in the Workplace: How and Why

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