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E121 - Developing Resiliency: Recovering from Life's Setbacks


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Let’s face it — not many of us will ever land our dream job. Instead, most of us find some acceptable compromise between salary, perks, job security, schedule, and job satisfaction. We don’t expect to have it all; we just want balance. But what happens when external obligations make you feel trapped in a job that you can’t stand?

Everyone has moments when they ask themselves, “What am I doing to make a difference? Does what I do really matter?” Unless you work for a charitable organization, finding meaning in your work can be elusive. Making a difference doesn’t have to involve grand gestures. People make small differences every day, even when their work isn’t intrinsically altruistic . . .

When To Use
What to do when one feels trapped in a job; making a difference; finding meaning in your work; identifying your potential and applying it; widening your focus; formulating a plan to get the most out of life..

How to Use
Counseling sessions.