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E081 How to Turn Stress into De-Stress


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First 100 Words
Stress sneaks up on us — which means we spend less effort on prevention than we do on coping with anxiety.  But we must deal with stress in our lives because it’s more than a headache and a bad mood — stress can kill you.  Stress is one of the key factors in heart attack and stroke, and leads to obesity, high blood pressure, a compromised immune system, and a whole host of emotional problems.


We don’t overtly choose stress, which means we can’t just close our eyes and make it go away.  Stress is a response to real life, but the filter between what’s really going on and the meaning you assign to it can, in fact, be part of the problem.  In other words, putting your challenges into the right perspective and remaining positive is a key element of coping with stress.  There are ways to get there, but when they don’t work there are professionals who can help . . . 
When To Use
About stress and how to take charge of it; the three forms of stress and how to manage each kind; coping with physical stress; coping with emotional stress; coping with work stress.
How to Use
Counselling sessions, health fairs, waiting rooms.