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Creating and Maintaining Positive Workplace

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Product Description

Creating and Maintaining A Positive Workplace

A positive workplace is about people with positive attitudes. They collectively possess beliefs about themselves and each other that produce positivism - the energy that drives productivity and makes conflicts and challenges easier to overcome.

Positive workplaces or work cultures make us feel good, and feeling good translates into job satisfaction.  This program shows employees how to build trust, how to create more confidence between each other, and create a more relaxed, comfortable, and healthy environment.

Workplaces are so full of competing interests, personalities, and stress that if we are not proactive role in keeping toxic elements of these natural features in check, the worse parts of them slowly overtake the positivism in our workplaces and create undesirable and unhealthy environments.

The proactive approach begins with a product like "Your Role in Creating a Positive Workplace." It is designed to help employees become their own source of continual positive energy and renewal.

Topics include:

Getting to know your coworkers
Positive attitude in the workplace communication
Giving the the benefit of the doubt
Understanding self-awareness and other awareness
Managing conflict
Avoiding "you" statements
Shaping others to have positive attitudes about you.
The impact of the first morning's exchange
Words and body language that create positive attitude
Making a habit of smiling before "getting down to business."
Power of small talk
Asking appropriate personal questions
Follow up questions in social interactions
Give the benefit of the doubt and assuming the best
How to cultivate relationships
Stay calm in conflicts
The power and "okayness" of health conflict
Emphatic communication builds positive attitudes in the workplace
Being an active listener
Clarifying questions can help you understand more
Restate a colleague's concern to show understanding
Owning your feelings
Win-win communication for creating
Praising coworkers
Tell the truth, avoid brutal honesty
Work space and relationships--cheering it up
Tightening up those meetings
Showing up on time - off with the digital distractions!
Giving others your full attention
Email etiquette and tips to reduce toxicity
Avoiding email with angry and emotional
How to be an agent of positive change
You don't need permission to be a leader
Anyone can be an agent of positive change
Staying positive, optimistic, and cheerful
Making positive attitude a habit

Human resource managers, the EAP, or managers themselves may find that they are putting out fires, resolving conflicts constantly, fighting severe absenteeism problems, hating coming to work, and hoping that the problems festering aren't getting so bad that an incident of workplace violence might occur.

See if this program doesn't stimulate the change that you have been looking forward to in your workplace.

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