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Bullying in the Workplace Education and Awareness

  • Facing Bullying at Work
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Stop workplace bullying in its tracks with this employee awareness program

Workplaces are supposed to be happy and productive. Unfortunately, many are not. Far from it. Instead they are frightening places where employees live in fear, especially those bullied in secret. Bullies are ticking time-bombs for legal action and violence. When will they finally blow? Will you be their target?  It would be ideal if a bullied employee came forward quickly when intimidated by another worker but this rarely happens. You must take the first step, and that is the purpose of the prevention program from called “Facing Bullying at Work.”

Even if you fire your workplace bully, the effects can still linger. Bystanders feel guilty for not taking action. The harassed employees suffer emotional and health issues that affect their work and your bottom line. By implementing “Facing Bullying at Work” you can stop the behavior before it starts. You’ll train employees about what constitutes harassment, and assure them that you’ll take swift action if bullying is reported. Don’t let your workers suffer in silence any more!

Most employers revert back their school days when bullying occurs. They use the advice they got from their parents or teachers about preventing bullying. They encourage workers to ignore the bully, or they informally tell the bully to cut it out. Neither of these strategies usually stop the behavior, and they certainly won’t stand up in court if you’re sued. Sometimes bullying escalates into violence. Do you really want to put your employees at risk? Not handling the situation correctly may even diminish your leadership. Don’t send a message that you don’t take bullying seriously.
Ignoring  bullying won’t solve the problem. In fact, the most recent statistics find that 40 percent of bullied employees develop health-related problems. Aren’t you paying enough for health insurance?  Bullying can cause your premiums to skyrocket. Worse, bullying escalates over time and can erupt into potentially deadly violence. Ongoing harassment affects moral and productivity, which adversely affects any organization. Really want to watch your bottom line go south? More employees than ever are suing their employers than ever over issues related to bullying. Protect your workforce and your bottom line by addressing bullying head-on.

“Facing Bullying at Work” solves your harassment issues quickly and efficiently. Once employees learn about bullying and its effects, they are more likely to come forward. You’re less likely to be in the dark about conflict. And you’ll have bullet-proof documentation that bullies have been put on notice. Communicating that there’s zero tolerance against harassment helps keep your workplace happy, productive and healthy.

After reviewing “Facing Bullying at Work,” employees understand what constitutes bullying. Plus they’ll be given tools to respond appropriately. You’ll encourage employees to come forward about bullying. And you’ll send a message to bullies that they will face consequences if they continue the behavior. You can even test your employees’ understanding with a quick exam.
Like everyone, you want work to be a safe, happy environment. Stop bullying that saps the life out of your organization. Give your workers peace knowing that their workplace has their backs. “Facing Bullying at Work” will give you and your employees peace of mind.

Even when employees report bullying, solving the problem is complex. Over half of workplace bullies are supervisors. Without training, the consequences the bully faces often adversely affect their target! Learn how to end bullying in a way that’s fair and effective. “Facing Bullying at Work” provides proven strategies to stop harassment. With a variety of media formats, this training program is a powerful tool for both large and small organizations.

You can spend thousands of dollars and spend precious time with some anti-harassment training programs. With “Facing Bullying at Work” you’ll receive a comprehensive program that’s easy to administer. It covers all the bases in an engaging way that holds workers’ attention. And once your employees are trained, you’ll sleep easier knowing you can nip bullying the bud.
An informed and trained workforce drags bullying out of the dark. Organizations can then intervene. Even employees who witness bullying feel empowered to come forward. Awareness is essential, along with an effective response.

Anti-bullying training gives your organization a competitive edge. Healthcare costs decrease. Workplaces report fewer absences. Employee retention increases, along with productivity. Your positive work environment attracts higher-quality candidates.

In as little as an hour, your workplace can be on the road to a positive, engaging environment with “Facing Bullying at Work.” We promise that your organization will become healthier and more productive. You’ll probably notice a bump up on your bottom line, too.
With a minimal investment of time, “Facing Bullying at Work” puts you on the road to a happy work environment. It delivers better employee engagement, which directly impacts earnings and healthcare costs.

Get “Facing Bullying at Work” now at or call 1-800-626-4327. Chose from a variety of customizable formats starting at just $297.  Our solutions can be implemented  in a classroom with a trainer or to a completely online experience.. Customize it to fit your organizations needs or use it “out of the box.”

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Easy to use. Expert content. Straight to point. And ready to purchase now. We can email this entire web course to your technology staff for upload to your website immediately if you dial 1-800-626-4327.

– Workplace Bullying is now epidemic. It's considered more pervasive than sexual harassment. At least 13 states are considering workplace bullying laws to protect employees, and employers will be asked to play a leading role in prevention similar to sexual harassment in the workplace. Get ahead of the curve and take responsibility now for training supervisors and employees in the prevention of workplace bullying.

–What are you doing about it?

–Here's the best solution: Get a policy. Make bullying the workplace prohibited. Then, have all employees and managers complete this audio course on preventing bullying in the workplace, and obtain a certificate of completion for documenting each employee's participation. You will dramatically reduce risk. Know for sure you have reached every employee and supervisor with effective training to will reduce risk in your organization.

– This training program is "platform independent". This means it is self-contained entirely, with sound, narration, test questions, handouts, and certificate of completion. The course then issues an imprinted, personalized, date-time stamped Certificate of Completion.

–Purchase now using the cart above. Phone us at 1-800-626-4327. We can take your order by phone.

Editable - Do you need this program with your logo? Need to add content? What about your policy and procedures embedded? Phone numbers, or audio portion altered? No problem! Phone 1-800-626-4327 and we will give you a low cost quote over the phone.


Bullying in the Workplace
When one worker physically or psychologically intimidates another for purposes of getting his or her way; is a form of abuse.  If it happens to you, you should know what to do about it.

Who are the bullies, and why do they do it?

While we think of bullies as physically intimidating, that may not be the case at work.  Someone with power – supervisory responsibility, team leadership, tenure, or an aggressive personality– who exerts that power in an abusive manner to influence your behavior is bullying.  Bullying can be peer to peer for no reason other than the need for attention, or as a response to jealousy, deep-seated resentment or a person’s emotional issues.  Bullying can be associated with sexual, racial, age, or other forms of discrimination.  Bullying occurs when you are personally confronted in an uncomfortable way, and you fear the consequences if you don’t act as the bully wants. The threat can be expressed or implied, but in either case you are being bullied if someone “gets in your face” in a personal, insulting, or intimidating manner.

What bullying looks like

Bullying comes in all forms – name-calling, unwelcome kidding, physical intimidation, threats, harassment, and any other type of abuse.  When it comes from a supervisor, a line must be drawn between that person’s authority and your personal rights, and you need to be clear on where that line is.  The acid test is simple – if the way someone speaks to you or treats you causes you to feel uncomfortable or threatened, if it’s personal and unwelcome, then it’s bullying, even from a supervisor.

What to do if you are being bullied by a coworker

The first step is to tell the bully to stop the behavior.  Tell the person you will file a report if the behavior doesn't stop. This may end it, but if not, you need to follow through and get help from your organization. If this brings further threats of harm or even harsher bullying, don’t back off.  Bullying is not just your problem. Your employer has an equal stake in correcting the behavior. Request help from management in writing. Cite your fear of repercussions or even your fear for your safety. As with sexual harassment, go to the next level of management if needed.

What to do if you are being bullied by a supervisor

If the bully is a supervisor, the response is very much the same, except that now you must document the abuse in writing, making sure you clearly differentiate between instructions that fall within the scope of the supervisor’s job and your rights to personal dignity and safety.  If coworkers have witnessed the bullying, enlist their support.  Talk to the supervisor about your concerns, but don’t threaten.  If the behavior doesn’t stop, tell the person that you intend to bring this to the attention of a higher authority and that you’ve documented your observations and the affect on you. This may make things uncomfortable, but it should lead to a resolution.  If it doesn’t, you may need an attorney to continue the discussion for you.

Get help, avoid victimization

Top management does not want you to be bullied. Your morale is crucial to productivity, and bullying can lead to unwanted employment complaints and legal challenges. Everyone benefits when you are proactive, act early, and do not allow yourself to adapt to the victim role. Find support inside or outside your organization so you can take the right steps to end bullying fast.

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