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Welcome to "Supervisor de FrontLine" - the EAP Newsletter for Latino Community Supervisors

Posted by Daniel Feerst on

Increase supervisor referrals of troubled workers to your employee assistance program by reaching managers and 

supervisors who speak Spanish, using the all new Supervisor de FrontLine EAP newsletter -- the same newsletter as the English version, but translated into Spanish for managers who are from Latin American countries.

Buy now for $675/12 issues unlimited reproduction and editing.

The price is $675 for 12 issues, and unlimited reproduction and distribution to the supervisors within your organization or the organizations you serve as an EAP provider.

Increase EAP Utilization

Supervisor de FrontLine newsletter helps managers engage with the EAP and refer troubled employees who right be slipping through the cracks.

Lower Risk

Supervisor de FrontLine could make the difference between a referral to the EAP and remaining at-risk to the organization.

Reduced Financial Impact

Supervisor de FrontLine helps reduce behavioral risk and financial loss to the host organization by increasing referrals of employees from educated and EAP savvy Latino supervisors who better comprehend instruction in their native language. This is what convinced us to create this new could save more lives.

Guaranteed -- 100% Anytime Refund 

Supervisor de FrontLine is guaranteed to increase engagement by Latino managers, improve the effectiveness of your EAP in general, and make a strong statement to top management about your program's priority of reducing risk.

Supervisor de FrontLine will boost the marketability of your program, too. And it will increase the value of your employee assistance program, thereby making it more likely to stick around for the long haul as a permanent part of the work culture.

A Track Record of Impact for 27 Years

Since 1993, FrontLine Supervisor has been the world's missing link and gold standard for educating professionals and supervisors alike. We've authored over 1600 EAP articles on the supervisor's role, skills, and using the EAP in supervision and as a proactive and positive tool for helping employees.

Help the Most Difficult and At-Risk Employees

Many at-risk and troubled employees only get help and treatment if the supervisor makes a strong move to arrange a formal referral to the EAP.

With Supervisor de FrontLine, you will increase of the likelihood of getting these employees the help they need, rather than having them overlooked, ignored, and forgotten until a tragedy strikes.


Should supervisors from Spanish-speaking countries learn English? The answer is "YES!" But here is the big but --
Should troubled workers remain at risk by not giving supervisors material that can help them interact and face troubled workers who need help? No. Here's my recommendation. Give the English version of FrontLine Supervisor and also the Spanish version (both) to supervisors to help them learn English!

Your Latino supervisors will read this newsletter and it will improve their people and supervisory skills or your money back, guaranteed. Not in 30 or 90 days, but at any time during the subscription period.

Latino managers will become more engaged, understand EAP theory and practice more effectively, and finally learn to make appropriate and effective referrals of troubled workers under their supervision.

Order now or phone 1-800-626-4327 to learn more. You can speak with me personally, Dan Feerst, publisher.

Finally, have the most effective outreach program with both the English and Spanish versions of FrontLine Supervisor.

If you are looking for even more powerful supervisor education and skills development especially for new supervisors or first-time supervisors,  take a look at 14 Vital Skills for Supervisors program, here.

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