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HR Managers: Your Employees Are Freaking Out ADHD Kids, and the Parent Freak Out

Posted by Daniel A. Feerst, BSW, MSW, LISW-CP, Publisher on

HR Managers – encourage use of the EAP to help parents reduce their level of freak about children being ADHD. They will get the employee to the right objective resource. Employees are losing all sense of reality when it comes to identifying whether children are ADHD. Attention-deficit Hyper-activity Disorder is diagnosed in the U.S. at nearly five times the rate of many other developed nations. Parents should know that a child with a very high energy level is not necessarily "hyperactive" and in need of medication. On the other hand, consider talking to the EAP to get more information or a referral if your child exhibits several or more of the following: 1) high level of "distract-ability"; 2) impulsiveness, 3) restlessness, 4) disorganization, 5) poor memory, 6) short attention span, 7) uncontrollable energy, 8) physical recklessness, 9) aggressiveness, 10) lack of self-control; 11) difficulty following rules; 12) stubbornness; 13) frequent disobedience. Learn more from an employee newsletter you can use to promote your EAP, get a return on that investment or improve referrals to the managed care 800 (we do not recommend this EAP approach) so you can reduce workplace risk, improve attendance, reduce "presenteeism", and maximize employee assistance program utilization. Is your EAP reaching families? See families? It should. It is part the EAP (employee assistance program) standards of practice, but you may not know it. More articles for your employees monthly here.

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