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Free Workplace Wellness Tip Sheet: Helping Employees Manage Customer Service Stress

Posted by Daniel Feerst, BSW, MSW, LISW-CP on

Do you help employees manage the stress of customer service? Customer service professionals usually receive satisfaction from helping their customers. This is at the heart of what makes for customer service excellence—delivering a satisfying experience and feeling happy to do so. But there’s a catch. Employees won't deliver a consistently pleasing customer service experience unless they take care of themselves by understanding how to manage customer service stress. If you are a workforce management professional, EA professional, or other trainer, consider offering employees stress management tips to support better customer service. Doing so will help them enjoy their jobs more and establish better relationships with the employer. There is no end to the issues you can discuss. We giving a good start with this tip sheet. Most workers experience angry, rude, and sometimes even abusive customers. Helping them with proven customer service skills like the ones found in this tip sheet (great for group discussion by the way,) will grow your program's value and give you a benchmark activity for measure impact of your efforts in before and after surveys that allow customer service employees to judge reduction in distress found in their jobs.
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