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Drug Awareness Training for Managers

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Stop! If you are instituting drug awareness training for managers, take one step backwards and put together a drug-free workplace policy that recognizes addiction and alcoholism as a chronic disease. Say so, and welcome employees to self-refer or accept treatment after being evaluated by the company employee assistance program following referral by a supervisor.
Drug and Alcohol Training for Supervisors
Also, guarantee these employees, in writing, three things: 1) that one’s job will not be in jeopardy as result of entering or asking for treatment for alcoholism. 2) Also state in the policy that promotional or advancement opportunities will not be jeopardized solely for entering treatment for alcoholism or other drug addiction; and, 3) that any participation in such a treatment program will be strictly confidential and a record of such participation will not be included in any personnel file or record whatsoever.

Now you are ready to start training.

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