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Workplace Wellness- Three Tips to Keep Your Health and Sanity!

Posted by Nathan Kittrell is the Owner/Founder of Scale A Sale, a sales & marketing agency specializing in growing businesses online. on

Over the past several years, the workplace has been talking more and more about wellness and work/life balance, but how many of us take the time to sit and think about what those things actually mean? It probably looks a little different for everyone based on the type of job you have and lifestyle you want, but there are some common threads when finding the balance that suits you best.

Before diving into our topic, there’s one thing I, as an entrepreneur, have found most helpful when trying to find balance and achieve an overall sense of better health and wellbeing. The biggest key to finding a lifestyle that works for you is to first realize there really isn’t a distinct line between work and life; it’s all just life. Once you understand that, you’re in the right mindset to start working on a lifestyle that works for you, whether it’s in your work or personal life. In the next few paragraphs we’ll discuss some of the things that have helped me reduce my stress and achieve a balance that works for me.

Take some time to “unplug” every day.

I wanted to start with this point because it’s the one I’ve had the most trouble with in my career as both an employee and now business owner. The use of technology is growing at an ever-increasing rate, and the past few years in particular have brought even more technological advancements to the workplace. I’ll be the first person to tell you, I absolutely love implementing technology into my life as much as possible. It helps us be more efficient and productive, all while increasing our reach and networking opportunities. With all the benefits of technology, there’s one distinct drawback we all experience at some point; even when we leave work, it can still be extremely difficult to disconnect ourselves from the stressors of a typical work day.

The constant over-stimulation technology brings can cause a lot of unneeded stress and anxiety. How many times a day do you grab for your phone because you thought you felt it vibrate, only to realize it was nothing? I do this at least 5 times a day, and it can be so irritating! Once I started to realize that my phone was actually dictating my level of happiness on a daily basis, it made it much easier to unplug once the workday is over.

Even if your workday sometimes creeps into the evening, it’s still important to take a little downtime to clear your mind and relax. I’ve noticed if I do work 16 hours a day on occasion, my quality of work will suffer toward the end of the day if I’m not well rested with a clear mind. Realizing this can make you even more productive because you’ll want to fit more work into less hours!

Incorporate a healthy diet into your routine.

We all love to splurge sometimes and overdo it when it comes to eating. Although I’ve always lived a pretty active lifestyle and never really struggled with weight, diet is something I’ve kept an especially close eye on over the past several years, ever since I got married. I used to enjoy sweets and soda nearly every day, but I’ve learned that while those foods may not have a visible effect on my outward health, it can certainly cause me other issues!

Fatigue, fogginess, and even some mental health issues can be a result of a consistently poor diet. By eliminating some of the more processed foods and artificial sugar from your diet, you can experience health benefits including better mental clarity, more sustainable energy, and you’ll likely feel better about yourself! I gave up all processed food and artificial sugar for an entire year a couple years ago, and I can say for certain that I never felt better. It was extremely difficult for the first couple months, but once you get past that, it just becomes habit. I’ve since loosened my restrictions a little, but still try to eat as many vegetables, fruit, and lean meats as I’m able. When you eat better, you feel better, and that means a better overall lifestyle!

Practice Mindful Meditation:

There’s been a huge push recently on practicing mindfulness in our lives. The state of being aware of our current situations and calmly accepting whatever life throws at us, whether good or bad. It’s especially important during the bad times! I used to let every little thing about work bother me, and a lot of the times it was because of undue pressure I put on myself. Only when I realized that letting my stress get out of control was having a negative impact on my performance did I start making changes with how I handled stressful situations on a day to day basis.

The thing I found most helpful when trying to be more mindful is realizing that I can’t always control the things that happen in my life, but I can control my response to those situations. You don’t have to let negative circumstances control your life and perspective; there’s always something to be thankful for and a reason to be positive! By practicing daily mindfulness, even for just a few moments, you begin to train yourself to look for the positives in life instead of the negatives. It’s an incredibly liberating feeling!

Bringing it all together:

There’s no way to escape the daily stressors of life; they’ll always be there. You’ll have good days, and unfortunately you’ll have bad days. What you can escape is the negative habits and thinking that sometimes creep into our lives. By incorporating these three tips into your lifestyle, you’ll be able to achieve a healthier balance, a more positive outlook, and better overall health and wellness in both your work and personal life!

Author Bio:

Nathan Kittrell is the Owner/Founder of Scale A Sale, a sales & marketing agency specializing in growing businesses online. He has experience as a salesperson in the hospitality industry as well as the Payroll & Human Resources Outsourcing industry.

If you’d like more information on incorporating a health and wellness program into your organization, Maverick HCM has always proven to be a great partner I’ve consistently recommended to the organizations for all types of human resources consulting.

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