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New Year's Resolutions 2019

Posted by Daniel Feerst on

8 Great Tips to Help You Achieve New Year Resolutions this Year

After a relaxing holiday season, the New Year fills us with an inherent sense of optimism, beckoning us to forget failures of the year gone by and start over. (I like forgetting the past sometimes.)

Whether it is losing weight, cutting back on expenses, finding the time to pursue a long cherished hobby or quitting smoking, as the clock strikes twelve we boldly but naively declare, “That’s it. I am going to do it this year”. Unfortunately, as we know from personal experience, our chances of sticking with the New Year resolutions are not that great.

Statistics published by the University of Scranton in the Journal of Clinical Psychology, indicate that more than 60 percent of Americans make New Year resolutions every year or do so occasionally. I suspect that many people make New Year's resolutions, but don't tell anyone because this will help them avoid enormous embarrassment if they fail in their goals. However, of these only 8 percent succeed in achieving their resolutions.

[This means that a staggering 92 percent of the people fail to keep up with their resolutions. Frankly, right under the nose of Employee Assistance Programs is an opportunity to capture the high ground associated with this problem by helping employees achieve their goals.]

EAP can help employees with New Year's Resolutons

Why we fail to achieve our New Year Resolutions

Why are the odds at succeeding in New Year resolutions, stacked so brutally against us? Is it that as adults we are simply incapable of learning new behavior, or is that we are just too lazy to change? Thankfully, it is neither.

In our zest to turn a new leaf, perhaps our biggest failing is setting unrealistic expectations of ourselves. This could be -

Overestimating our ability to make multiple changes - Most of us make multiple resolutions, not realizing the difficulty in developing new behaviors associated with each change. Most New Year resolutions are ‘last-minute’ life changing declarations, which are destined for failure.

Underestimating the level of planning and support needed to accomplish the resolution - For instance, sweeping declarations of losing 50 pounds over the next 3 months without knowing the lifestyle changes needed, or wanting to nullify credit card debt over the next 6 months without a clear plan to cut expenses are all examples of what one could call ‘half-baked’ ideas.

Overestimating the impact the resolution can have on our lives - For example, if the resolution is to be more outgoing in the hope of finding love and that does not happen, it is bound to create disappointment, even causing the person to slide back into old reclusive behaviors. On the other hand meeting new people is bound to make you feel happier in general and perhaps even help you in other spheres of your life. Remember to focus on the ‘real benefits’.

As in business, so too in life, any successful decision requires a clear assessment of the existing situation, identifying the goal and developing a plan to achieve the desired results.

8 Tips to Help You Succeed This Year

Resolutions are the perfect way to begin a new year. However, instead of just stating your resolutions, increase your chances of success this year by having a solid game plan.

Here are 8 great ways to ensure that you stay on track to achieving your New Year Resolutions –

1. Plan now. Do not wait until New Year’s Eve to think of a New Year resolution.

2. Make one resolution this year. If you are toying with multiple ideas, choose the resolution with the greatest possible impact on improving your life.

3. Break down the ‘bigger picture’ into smaller goals with specific timelines. Not only will you stay focused, but it will also help you monitor progress as the year progresses.

4.Focus on the ‘why’ of your goal and not just the ‘what’. Associate your resolution with long-term benefits you will draw from the change. For instance, instead of wanting to lose weight to be better looking, the focus should be on having a healthier life.

5.Declare your intentions to the world, in particular your friends and families who can support your resolve.

6.Track your progress. Document your achievements and failures.

7.Reward yourself and feel good for achieving milestones as your progress towards the main goal.

8. Forgive yourself for the occasional lapses. Rather than feeling guilty about having let–go every once in a while, it is more important to get back on track.

As the year progresses it is easy to lose sight of our New Year resolves in the mayhem of our daily routines.

Breaking down the overall target into smaller goals, monitoring progress, soliciting support from family and friends, and having fun along the way, will give you a very good fighting chance of achieving your resolutions in the year ahead. So smile and have a splendidly successful 2019!

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