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E048 Becoming an Askable Parent


Product Description

First 100 Words
As a parent, you’ve given great thought to your child’s health, education, and the kind of values that you want to instill in him or her, but how much thought have you given to your approachability as a parent? How would you feel if your child made a terrible mistake because he felt as though he couldn’t come to you with a problem or question?

Some problems never make themselves known until our children let us in on the secret. If your child doesn’t feel comfortable talking to you about certain topics because of fear or embarrassment, then you’re left in the dark without any way to help . . .

When To Use
Children who aren’t getting answers from their parents will go somewhere else. What is an “askable parent? Becoming receptive. Developing skills in honesty and directness. Arming yourself with information and understanding “TMI”.

How to Use
Client counseling sessions. EAP waiting areas, health fairs.