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Coping Skills Handouts

Your Personal Helpline for Healthy Workplace Communications, Behavior, and Performance
FREE Coping Skills HandoutsCoping skills handouts are professional workplace lifesavers whenever business staff members are dealing with crisis situations or various degrees of stress. is aware that employees of all business levels will, at times, need to deal with acute tensions and stress, and that they must have unfettered access to the best available assistance, support tools and techniques in order to successfully cope with and overcome problems and adversity. After all, even the desire and need for any company and its employees to achieve high production levels and ultimately attain success is natural and often stressful. For this reason, provides expert advice from highly qualified mental health professionals to help employees handle and cope with mental, emotional and physical stress.

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Coping Skills HandoutsWith the assistance of these experts, offers ongoing employee support, readily available to all staff in the form of easy-to-read coping skills handouts. These valuable crisis intervention and stress management handouts will outline simple steps to handling panic or stress in the event of employees’ distress at or inability to react properly to unexpected crisis, danger, or threat. These coping skills handouts will give direct and concise directions, which any staff member can follow quickly, to curb mounting agitation, stress or panic, and ultimately restore a calm, reassuring business atmosphere. Not only will our coping skills handouts provide immediate aid to overstressed employees, but they will also include information on panic, anger, and stress related signals or symptoms so that co-workers can detect a potential problem and professionally adhere to the assistance of anyone experiencing adverse reactions to crisis or stress.

As states in all its human resources and business management publications, including our coping skills handouts, all employees, even new staff members, are aware of the importance of conducting their daily processes in a reasonable and business-like manner. Everyone also knows that at some time in their working careers, all employees, management and company officers will be exposed to crisis or extremely stressful situations, and be called upon to solve distressing problems. Working in today’s exciting and challenging—but often mentally and emotionally taxing—business world can require attaining skills to handle acute tension and stress. understands the need to have all members of your staff well-trained and confident to handle these situations. For this reason we providing an expert support foundation by use of which all company members can achieve calm, self-assured and confident success, coping with all states of panic, anger, agitation or extreme stress while they work productively.

Although our coping skills handouts are essential for complete crisis management, below we have provided a general overview of some of the main steps to take in getting through a crisis or dealing with acute stress:

1. Assume a calm, unthreatening posture and then identity the source of caused crisis or stress. If you are agitated or tense, lower raised arms and relax your fists to open your hands. Relax your facial muscles and body, so you will begin to feel and exhibit physical calm.

2. Identify the words, event, or situation in your present office environment which led to, or is causing feelings and reactions of stress, anger or panic: Has that high-priority shipment to the company’s best client been lost? Were you forced to forfeit the most important sale of the year to an overly aggressive competitor? Did your best friend just win the promotion?

3. Re-establish calm and sensible verbal communication to start to alleviate the problem. Speak reasonably and calmly to the agitated or stressed-out staff member, and wait until they are calm to address the problem or situation to be solved. If you are the stressed one, treat yourself the same way.

4. Always rely on the helpful assistance of your boss and co-workers in solving stressful or crisis situations. The calm, reasonable assurance and knowledge of more than one person is always beneficial.

As you can see, coping skills handouts from show that efficient coping skills are essential in any workplace for healthy, professional management and both employee and outside business contact relations. By use of our newsletters and coping skills handouts, all employees and staff members will gain much valuable insight and practical training to cope with any crisis or level of stress. Call us at 1-800-626-4327 or send us an email if you have any questions about any of our products, or simply click here to order our coping skills handouts today!