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The Dangers of Using Methamphetamine

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Product Description

Meth - The Dangers of Using Methamphetamine

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Meth kills -- so, if you do not have an education program about Meth, ask "why not?"

Methamphetamine or "Meth" is an illicit, synthetic drug that is manufactured in clandestine labs nationwide and best described as a highly toxic, highly addictive, tripping speed--the rush of which produces an ultra-high trip that may last a half-hour after smoking or injecting the drug. The aftereffects are enormous for everyone.

Chances are you have not seen a good usable program until now. This one is packed with information in a highly deliverable format. No more waiting. You can offer this critical education to your workforce today and help prevent devastation by giving individuals a better chance to have more information so they can decide to avoid this deadly underworld, toxic death trap.

After initial rush of Meth, the high may last half a day. Withdrawal may last 30-90 days and include a myriad of symptoms including picking at one's skin during a period called "tweaking" when the individual is in a acute, possibly psychotic state with hallucinations, feeling disconnect from reality, and prone to self-mutilation, hostility, or even murder.

You've been worried about Meth and what you can do to make a difference. This program is that answer to that question.  Imagine your website being a source of education for employees and family members, and having it play a small role in someone's decision to say "no way" to using this drug which creates almost instant addiction and a path to a ruined life. What is the value of this prevention? It certainly is more than the cost of a video.

What You Should Know About Methamphetamine is available a Web Course, DVD, Web Movie for your website, an educational PowerPoint, or a self-running CD you can play at health fairs. With some formats, you can download them by giving us a call at 1-800-626-4327. This program and "Helping to Prevent Suicide" are what we consider our most important, life saving products.

This program solves the problem of how to reach your workforce and families and educate them about Methamphetamine, and along with any of its available formats, you'll know your saving lives. Your online or off-line media resources can now fill a significant gap with this powerful education piece--over 100 slides of professional narrated education.

The impact from using Meth on the person includes damage to blood vessels, heart and brain damage, out of control blood pressure, the potential for strokes and death. Liver damage. Kidney damage. Lung damage. Destruction of tissue of the nasal passages from being sniffed; breathing problems, infections, abscesses, nutrition deficits from lack of eating, tooth decay ("Meth mouth"), psychosis, crime, risk of harming self and others, and finally damaging the brain so severely that a person acquires Alzheimer's for life. And what does all of this cost the health care system and economy? It's probably incalucable.

The cost of Meth to human life and insurance, community resources, and society's safety net is enormous. But you can play a role in intervention 24/7 with "What You Should Know about Methamphetamine."
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