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FrontLine Supervisor EAP Utilization Improvement Newsletter

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Product Description


For over 25 Years, America's Only EAP Newsletter for Supervisors Increases Supervisor Referrals to EAPs, Reduces Behavioral Risk, and Is Guaranteed to Make Any EAP More Valuable

  • Protect Your EAP from Competitors
  • Reduce Risk to the Organization
  • Increase Supervisor Referrals of the Most At-risk Employees
  • Maintain Top-of-Mind Visibility for Your EAP
  • Reduce Supervisor Referral Mistakes and Missteps

our EAP’s very life depends on solid relationships with top management. You want decision makers to have no thoughts about cutting the program, contracting it out, or turning it over to a managed care 800-number hotline.

There is no better way to keep your EAP funded than boosting formal supervisor referrals of the most at-risk troubled employees. These referrals show your value to decision makers. But, getting supervisor referrals can be tough. That's why we created FrontLine Supervisor EAP Newsletter

Maintaining "Top of Mind" Awareness Is What Keeps Supervisor Referral Rates High

You must communicate with management frequently to maintain “top of mind awareness.”  Marketing experts will tell you that less than monthly risks loss of 10% visibility with your audience.  You will simply drift out of mind.

Building the relationships with managers is what FrontLine Supervisor is all about. You may have a great EAP, but there is a missing link if you do not have FrontLine Supervisor.

Increase Supervisor Referrals 20% in 90 Days

FrontLine Supervisor guarantees a 20-percent annualized increase in supervisor referrals evidenced within 90 days.

FrontLine Supervisor is education, marketing, promotion, training, and a tool to reduce risk all wrapped into one powerfully unique publication that’s easy to read. Even more valuable is the peace of mind you will enjoy knowing your relationship with management is growing more secure.

FrontLine Supervisor also gives you a winning edge in presentations, EAP proposals, or in live-training support for supervisors.

What to Do, How to Do It, What to Say, and How to Say It

FrontLine Supervisor makes you management’s best friend because it delivers useful and actionable information on using the EAP in supervision. It literally rescues supervisors from their own bad habits, thereby reducing risk to the organization.

FrontLine Supervisor is like personally sitting down with every supervisor once a month and marketing the EAP to them directly. 

FrontLine Supervisor can be branded with your logo or you can choose your own completely unique name. We will use our artists to create a masthead graphic just for you at no additional charge. Simply paste it into your newsletter when it arrives in your email.  FrontLine Supervisor is editable, reproducible. and is available in multiple formats.

Unique Problem-Solution Format

The focus of FrontLine Supervisor is on supervisor problems and using the EAP as an effective, pro-people management tool. It includes up-to-date professional development information drawn from hundreds of sources and tips inspired by experience of many EA professionals.

FrontLine Supervisor accepts input from subscribers for article ideas. Use the “Subscriber E-Hot Line”.

Over 200,000 supervisors in thousands of companies read FrontLine Supervisor each month, and we still have many charter subscribers.

Since 1994, FrontLine Supervisor has published over 1500 questions and answers on the supervisor’s role and the EAP. This makes FrontLine Supervisor the most authoritative and widely-read publication on the supervisor’s role in using the EAP in supervision.

Here are just a few of the many topics FrontLine Supervisor covers throughout the year:

Read what EAPs are saying:

"Thanks [for your newsletter], I can't tell you how much our client companies appreciate what you are writing. Always a big hit with managers we work with and very helpful for them! Keep up the good work.”
David Worster, Director, NH EAP Collaborative, Concord, New Hampshire

"Every month I tell my clients, ‘This is a particularly good issue,’ and every month it truly is! 
This is a great resource. Thank you so much.” 
Elizabeth Robinson, LMFT, CEAP, Manager, Employee Assistance Program
University of Connecticut Health Center, Farmington, Connecticut

"FRONTLINE SUPERVISOR is like putting out my own newsletter without any of the headaches."
Ted Walker, Walker Northwest EAP, Portland, Oregon

"Our clients find FRONTLINE SUPERVISOR to be an excellent source of timely, concise, and valuable information –keep it coming!"
Joseph Lemmon, LCSW-C, CEAP, President, JSL Consulting Group, Baltimore, Maryland

"Keep up the good work! FRONTLINE SUPERVISOR answers the questions our customers never knew they had!"
Adriane Scherrer, Executive Director, Partnership EAP, Inc., Middletown, Ohio

"FRONTLINE SUPERVISOR is our most effective tool for helping managers and supervisors in our client companies. They tell me they keep each issue and refer back to them."
Ted Larrison, LCSW, CEAP, EAP Manager, Southern Hills Counseling Center, Jasper, Indiana

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Warranty Information

FREE TRIAL OR SAMPLE - PHONE 1-800-626-4327. America's only EAP newsletter for supervisors guaranteed to increase the number of supervisor referrals to your program, improve your relationships with top management decision makers, ramp up EAP engagement among the workforce, increase EAP utilization, add value to your employee assistance program, and have you sleeping better at night knowing you have a more secure EAP that makes a bigger impact to reduce risk, save more lives, and prevent potential tragedies caused by trouble employees. With a 3-month trial, you will see your EAP referrals increase before you every pay a cent for this product.