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What You Should Know About Cocaine

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Product Description

Cocaine is a street drug derived from the coca plant grown in South America. It is a central nervous stimulant considered to be one of the most addictive and pervasive recreational drugs.

It is a fine white or off-white powder that is usually sniffed or injected. Once ingested, it has profound effects on the brain’s “reward circuitry,” creating an artificially heightened sense of pleasure and euphoria, an affect thought to be the key to why cocaine is so addictive.

Education and prevention of cocaine abuse focuses on helping those who have never tried it to stay away and helping motivate those addicted to the substance to consider treatment as personal problems in their life become worse and problems ensue.

This program educates the learner about cocaine and the reasons why the drug is so addictive. It dispels myths and misconceptions, draws parallels to alcoholism and other drugs of abuse, discusses relapse, risk associated with using the substance, the larger societal impact, and how users enter treatment, and what it takes to stay away from the drug.  

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