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  • Your employee or customer newsletter can have its own masthead and employee newsletter name. See samples of our newsletter we've written for the U.S. Congress, Dartmouth, the State of New York, Washington, dozens of universities, employee assistance programs worldwide.
  • Dartmouth College and many other universities, along with large and small businesses nationwide subscribe to FrontLine Employee workplace wellness newsletter -- even the State of New York state government, and U.S. Congress (both Senate and House of Rep - each separately.) Now, let's get you started.
  • Your employee newsletter or company newsletter appears beautifully on all devices. Finally a two page, monthly newsletter everyone will read, and will continually remind you how much they love the articles and impact
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Employee Newsletter - Editable, Reproducible, Text, Customizable for Workplace Wellness, EAPs, Human Resources, and Benefits Programs

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Product Description

Employee newsletters are critical, but impossible to maintain. Don't burn out your staff.

Get a $150 gift certificate to any of the TOP TEN restaurants in your town as identified at your city of choice for "" when you refer a friend and they subscribe to FrontLine Employee! -- Try It Now

Have you struggled with creating employee newsletters? Do you have a company or employee newsletter for communication, health and wellness, to help you increase productivity, but it has gone from monthly, to bimonthly, to quarterly, to gone? Every company should have a company newsletter, employee newsletter or workplace wellness newsletter with productivity articles and tips. But it is not for the feint of heart. This is a tough, tedious, relentless, and thankless chore. But one thing is true--they are powerful tools. You have a captured audience in your employees, and such a publication distributed frequently will help them, help family members, and reduce the risk to your bottom line from employee behavioral risk and exposures. These publications are, frankly, win-win.

This is why FrontLine Employee was created. We give you the closest thing to your own newsletter without the work.

You have a unique opportunity to powerfully influence employee health and well-being for cheap. This makes employee-productivity and workplace wellness newsletters indispensable, common sense tools.

You'll tear your hair out trying to "do" an employee newsletter or a company newsletter, or any regularly distributed publication that is similar. In fact, any employee assigned to this task will eventually despise it, allow it to drift off schedule, begin missing issues, allow it to dwindle, and burnout if they don't.

If you know someone who has ever tried to assemble a regular on-time employee or company newsletter, or you have tried it yourself, then you know the awful a chore this can be. Millions of employers have thrown in the towel on the whole idea of authoring and assembling their own newsletter.

Your Own Newsletter Without the Work.

FrontLine Employee is two pages. It comes monthly by e-mail and is editable in MS Word or MS Publisher. Or you can receive just the text of employee newsletter articles. These everyday tools are easy to use. MS Word (text only) is also available in case you already have a template and only need great articles. You can use what we send any way you like.

FrontLine Employee can also be sent to you as a ready-to-use PDF complete with your name and logo already on it if desired! We'll provide you with a free professionally produced masthead that you can easily apply yourself. (Or, we will do it for you.)

When Frontline Employee arrives, send it to your employees or add news, messages from the CEO, birthday announcements, company anniversaries, event reminders, or secret recipes that employees want to share! It's your newsletter. You can work with it any way you like.

Would a unique employee newsletter name and masthead make your newsletter perfect? We will professionally create an employee newsletter masthead FREE with your subscription. Send us your special name, logo, Web site URL, and we will take it from there. We keep tweaking it until you love it.

Examples of Employee Newsletter Names




FrontLine Employee Articles and Content

FrontLine Employee provides health and wellness tips, stress management techniques, and workplace and job productivity ideas to help employees do their jobs better.

Employees and family members love FrontLine Employee because articles are quick reads, never long-winded, and contain lots of how-tos and practical advice that can be used immediately.

FrontLine Employee covers a huge range of popular topics, concerns, issues, and common problems: dealing with difficult people, how to get along better with the boss, productivity tips, resolving conflicts, staying excited about work, and how to find more meaning in one's job. These are the topics employees want a newsletter to contain, and with Frontline Employee you get them.

In fact, with our "subscriber's hotline", you can request topics your employees need and want to read, like dealing organizational change, death in the workplace, or other crises that affect morale and work climate.

FrontLine Employee discusses respect in the workplace, stopping rudeness, avoiding harassment, ending gossip, and creating a welcoming workplace for all. We also discuss employee substance abuse and alcoholism in the family.

Only licensed mental health professionals with a minimum of 25 years life and work experience author or approve content in FrontLine Employee.

You Control FrontLine Employee

You get your life back with FrontLine Employee because you don't waste time looking for content or writing it. Your time is costly, but FrontLine Employee is not expensive. It's as low as $1.35 a day for a small company! And if you are an EAP provider, we permit you to distribute FrontLine Employee to your corporate customers for a super low reasonable rate.

Do You Know Someone Using FrontLine Employee?

FrontLine Employee is used by the state of New York (yes--all state government employees receive it monthly), big and small employers, the U.S. Army, scores of hospitals, counseling centers, the State of Washington, cities, HR departments, and employers world-wide. As you can see, with a subscription you are in the company of many employers that must depend on a reliable service.

Here's What You Get

Each month, you receive an e-mailed, editable copy of FrontLine Employee. You can choose MS Publisher, MS Word with graphics or text only, PDF, or all four of these formats at no extra charge, so you have all the tools you need to instantly get your newsletter flying off your desk.

You receive a free professionally produced, colorful masthead with your own title, if desired, so you can simply paste it into the newsletter with one click when it arrives! The look of your masthead will match the energy of your company, create excitement, and reflect the commitment of your organization to the products or services you offer.

You desired, you can have a Spanish version of FrontLine Employee at a super discount. It is called Empleado de FrontLine. Latino employees who speak only Spanish (or read Spanish better than English) will not be left behind in your company.

Are you able to see how Frontline Employee reduces risk and how it can make a powerful contribution to helping your employees stay happy, healthy, and productive while reducing your workload?

Distribute the tip sheets using your website or via e-mail, or simply copy and place them anywhere--in your health clinic, main office, lunchroom, or break room areas.

A 100%, 12-Month, Anytime, Money-Back Guarantee

Many subscribers have continued with FrontLine Employee since our very first year in 2001. So, I know you will love it.

This is why we offer this one-of-a-kind unusual guarantee:

If you ever feel that FrontLine Employee isn't the most awesome and hassle-free solution for starting and keeping your company newsletter going, then I will refund 100% of the price you paid for your subscription, at any time, even if you happen to be on your very last issue!

Employee Newsletter Topics and Articles We Focus On Delivering

Employee newsletter subjects and topics you should consider include a variety or mix of wellness and productivity content that will meet the needs of employees, family members, and the business organization itself.

"Critical" sounds like a dramatic word, but placing the right kind of employee newsletter content can create a powerful effect toward influencing desired behavior among employees.

We are convinced that newsletters with properly written articles can play key roles in reducing conflict, increasing respect in the workplace, reducing incidences of violence, and possibly motivating a suicidal employee to make one more step toward getting help. So newsletters are all about reducing risk.

And I am only scratching the surface of what newsletters can do for employees and their employers.

The bottom line is that employees represent a "captured audience", so if you give strong attention to employee newsletter topics that fit the work culture and meet the needs of employees, you will see interesting changes that have a positive effect on the environment.

Below is a discussion of what I consider twelve important employee newsletter topics with a closer examination about what each one means. It should provide you with a lot of great ideas for future articles.

Workplace Communication: Handling conflict, personality, and control issues; dealing with difficult people and attitude problems; negotiating and increasing cooperation; getting a point across, being assertive; improving listening skills; etc.

Worker Productivity Tips: Managing time, organizing work, setting priorities, stopping procrastination, remembering things, stopping interruptions, completing work, etc.

Family, Home, and Community: Thinking "green"; knowing about consumer product safety; parenting children and teenagers, safety at home, eldercare issues, family stress, budgeting tips, increasing marital harmony, work-life balance, etc. (When it comes to employee newsletter topics, I like to write so people start to think "community" and neighborhood, and interacting with neighbors. People are moving so fast and many people don't even know their neighbor's names.)

Personal Fitness and Emotional Wellness: exercising, getting more energy, improving nutrition, understanding mental illness, self-diagnosing conditions, seeking professional help.

Personal Effectiveness and Goal Achievement: getting more done, improving self-awareness, motivation and using inspirational thinking, planning ahead, sticking to New Year resolutions, managing money, developing mediation skills, staying positive, etc. (With employee newsletter topics, I suggest staying away from "pop psychology topics" and "new age" types of stuff like "The Secret, Law of Attraction" and this sort of thing. It's not appropriate for a workplace employee health and wellness newsletter in my opinion.)

Team Building: holding better meetings, reducing conflicts, improving communication, staying cohesive, being a team player, getting more done, sharing the work, etc.  (Management loves employee newsletter topics that focus on productivity and getting along better with management. Don't forget top management is your real customer. Employees are mostly the consumers of the information.)

*Improving Relationships with the Supervisor: communicating better, knowing what the supervisor wants, completing assignments, making an impression, knowing how to “read between the lines,” planning for better performance reviews, etc. (With employee newsletter topics centered about better relationships with management, this one category will have the most impact on making your program solid and desired. It will help minimize the likelihood of your services being contracted out.)

Hot Productivity and Health Topics: learning about health issues in the national news, preventive health tips, alcoholism and drug abuse, where to get more information about specific conditions; giving and getting support; practicing self-help; finding unique resources, etc.
Stress Management: using stress management tips, avoiding burnout, making self-assessments, recognizing signs and symptoms, etc. (You may wonder if employee newsletter topics related to stress should be lumped under personal fitness. I separated these articles because "stress management" is the number one most sought after and read about topic in the world of work.)

Using the Employee Assistance Program: learning about use of the EAP, confidentiality, what the EAP can do, when to use the EAP. (Employee newsletter topics that c

Workplace Safety, Injury Prevention, and Recovery: avoiding shortcuts, preventing injury, thinking safety, building a culture of safety, think about safety, getting back to work sooner, etc.

Customer Service and Related Stress: proper attitudes, dealing with difficult customer behavior, staying positive, keeping customers happy, reducing stress.

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Employee newsletters are now easy. Use Frontline Employee as your own newsletter or an internal company newsletter! Editable, reproducible, rename-able, amendable, and Web usable! You can add your own content when needed, but after 16 years, we have never been late once. Have your own internal communication, workplace wellness, health, and benefits newsletter for employees. Help your employees remain happy, healthy, and productive--and help their families, too. Every subscriber receives a customized masthead, if desired. See examples below. Employee newsletter content is authored by licensed professionals and experts in workplace wellness, EAP, and managing troubled employees. Articles focus on improving productivity, seeking help for personal problems, wellness, personal development, family life, managing stress, getting along difficult people, communication, and hundreds of other topics. Arrives a week early, is never late, and removes the burden of newsletter production, an impossible internal chore. Start a free trial and see the impact before you ever make a purchase. Phone 1-800-626-4327 (24/7) to start or use the shopping cart to start a subscription RIGHT NOW! We can bill you later.