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EAP Refresher for Supervisors I

  • EAP Refresher for Supervisors PART I
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Product Description

Employee Assistance Program (EAP) Refresher for Supervisors – Part I

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If you are an employee assistance program with supervisors who simply don't refer enough, or make mistakes and missteps in the referral process, then your EAP utilization can suffer to the point of threatening the closure of your program. Avoid this nightmare with the help of this refresher course. There are three parts to it so you can build as you go. (Purchase all three parts and get the third part free.)

Helping supervisors requires all sorts of training to help them reduce risk in your organization. And ongoing education to improve referrals starts with dispelling myths and misconceptions and getting them to understand EAP theory and referral dynamics.

Even if you've done initial employee assistance program training with supervisors, you know how it is – after training and orientation, supervisors forget what they learned. Finally, there is a solution. This product to refresher their memories, examine remaining questions, and better integrate use of the program with their daily supervision activities. (Note that if you don't have a Supervisor EAP Newsletter as an ongoing mechanism to educate supervisors about EAP, be sure to visit The FrontLine Supervisor EAP Newsletter.

With refresher training, you will give them more in-depth information and have a great excuse to see them again in order to build top of mind awareness for the EAP critical to generating referrals.  The result is your utilization staying high, supervisor referrals increasing, and management is happier about your Employee Assistance Program. You will wonder why you continue to get low supervisor referral rates unless you do refresher training. And for you, low rates of referral will be a problem of the past.

This product trains supervisors faster than ever and hits each of these key points:

•  Advanced understanding of the Employee Assistance Program
•  Help in using the EAP as an aid to assist your employees
•  How to avoid mistakes in referring employees to the EAP
•  Improve communication between supervisor, employee, and EAP
•  Examine common pitfalls in managing troubled employees before and after EAP referral
•  Return troubled employees to satisfactory levels of job performance
•  Avoid loss of workers and associated turnover costs due to improper management

Why the Employee Assistance Program Refresher is a Vital Component to Every Company’s EAP Success

Refresher training for EAPs used to be one of the most integral components to effective EAPs. This all disappeared when managed care started muscling out the traditional programs.

No training program commercially available comes anywhere close to this one. It’s simple, easy to deliver, and with the and DOES work. As supervisors, we’ve all dealt with troubled employees and often overlooked our concerns until they’ve become too big a problem to evade.

When you get all three parts of this EAP Refresher Training Program, you will easily help supervisors tackle problems sooner and address performance issues before they have gotten out of hand.

•  The package is a valuable tool kit to overcome the misunderstandings and confusion about the Employee Assistance Program,
•  It provides vital communication skill develop necessary for proper EAP referrals and EAP communication
•  It takes advantage of years of experience in examine supervisor missteps
•  The all-inclusive Employee Assistance Program refresher training of all three parts ensures a visible difference in employee productivity, will help resolve personal problems, and most importantly has successfully proven to preserve the well being of the workplace!

Unhappy Employees, Unhappy Supervisors: How Companies Suffer from EAP Misunderstandings, Missteps, and Myths

Employees who suffer from unresolved personal problems pose a direct threat to productivity and financial security of the employer. Imagine a workplace that runs smoothly and accomplishes its tasks in an organized and timely fashion as a result of effective EAP processes. Most EAPs can't document this cost-benefit. But when you see EAP referrals go up, and other costs go down, it's fair to give the EAP credit. And if aggressive training has been the norm, top management will give you the credit.

This program on refresher training may be the only thing that has been keeping your EAP from realizing its full potential. We'll make this promise. Own this program for six months and see a dramatic increase in EAP activity and utilization ro ask for a 100% full refund. That is how sure we are that you'll benefit, improve referrals, and save lives.

Don’t wait, be proactive, purchase this proven-to-work program now!

This program comes in multiple formats, each the perfect length of about 12-15 minutes. With the Web course format, your Web site trains supervisors 24/7 with sign-in and a printable certificate. You can also use the Web course CD on a laptop computer. Imagine emailing the start link of the courses to any or all supervisors in the organization. That's what's called efficiency.

The PowerPoint programs are editable, but we can amend content of the EAP training courses in any format. Just ask.. Generally all program have sound and animation. The flash movies are ideal for Web-based use or use the autoplay CD for true portability. Preview one or all of these programs (parts 1, 2, and 3). Purchase together so your program is complete.

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