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EAP Poster - "You're Unique"

  • Editable EAP Poster to encourage employees who feel their problems are too unique, to instead come to the EAP anyway

Product Description

Features: Editable, Reproducible EAP Promotional Poster

EAP posters have several critical purposes that include maintaining top of mind visibility, making a memorable impression, and intervening with myths and misconceptions about EAPs, personal problems in general, and stigma associated with getting help. You're missing out on a powerful EAP promotion strategy if you do not maintain a EAP promotion program that employs posters. EAP Poster programs are easy, and they are fun. We'll show you how like we have hundreds of other EAPs.

EAP Posters get stale after approximately 8-10 views by those who see them. In other words, they disappear or become invisible in the "noise" of environmental visual stimuli with which they compete. EAP Posters should therefore be refreshed about every two months. After a while, people will look for new EAP posters. You will achieve "top of mind" awareness for the EAP with this marketing model.

Don't change EAP posters too often, but do change them. When you are personally bored with a message, employees and customers are just beginning to notice it. Create a calendar. Know where all the bulletin boards are, and rotate one to the next if you like. Make a plan. If you do not change posters, they will eventually be stapled over by other items or look dusty. This will reflect negatively on your EAP.

These recommendations are rooted in our 14 years of creating EAP posters, giving them away for free to E-newsletter subscribers, and feedback from customers using's "Forever EAP Poster Kit" -- available on the Web site. 

You should have an EAP poster program along with an EAP newsletter, employee training events, supervisor communication, and other channels by which employees and family members can engage with you. 

Frequency in marketing communications beats quantity. Remember this and you will see your EAP utilization increase. This will also make your program less vulnerable to sale, closure, de-funding, or transfer.

About this Poster

Stigma is a roadblock to getting help and calling the EAP. Closely related to stigma is "terminal uniqueness" - a term that describes the state of mind of the troubled employee who thinks, "I'm different" or "I can't be helped," or "my problem isn't like anything the EAP has seen." This poster targets this fatal state of mind.

You have the ability to create your own awesome posters. Here's how: Purchase our "Forever EAP Poster Kit" and use the 18 editable posters in it create new ones based on issues and concerns you discover affecting the work culture of the host company or companies you serve.

Issues you discover as you interact with employees should be applied to an EAP poster message. Use your staff meetings to brainstorm ideas. Creating EAP posters that target issues and concerns affecting the work organization -- after a layoff, fire, death, move, illness, or other major stress will keep your EAP relevant and improve engagement.

Besides helping employees, you will get a ton of kudos from management. This will translate to an increased likelihood of formal supervisor referrals that further reduce risk to the organization.

Can you see the value of EAP Posters? They aren't just promotion. They are paramount.