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What EAP Administrators Say

I sent out the February Frontline Employee yesterday and got a call today thanking me for the excellent articles. She wanted to know more information on one of the stories – the Pennsylvania weight loss study – and I was able to Google the information and send her the links, but she was very thankful for the information!! Thanks for helping us look good once again

David Mitchell, Child and Family Service, Honolulu, Hawaii

Our employees call me immediately if the FrontLine Employee is not in their office on the designated day of arrival. As a provider of both internal and external EAP services, this is our most valuable marketing and educational tool. We routinely get compliments on the timeliness and quality of content. We have won EAP contracts because of this newsletter.

Melvina MacDonald, Tallahassee Memorial Hospital

We have found the EAP Frontline Employee which we renamed, "REAP the Benefits" to be the greatest way to keep our Employee Assistance Program visible to our employees over the years. They look forward to receiving it and will contact us if we are late sending out to them. The articles wonderfully address timely issues in the workplace.

Carol Boone, Ed.D. , CEAP, State of Tennessee Government

Topics Include

  • Worker productivity tips
  • Family, home and family effectiveness
  • Personal fitness and emotional wellness
  • Personal effectiveness and goal achievement
  • Team-building and productivity
  • Improving relationships with supervisors
  • Hot productivity and health tips
  • Stress management tips
  • Making use of employer-sponsored EAPs
  • Workplace safety, injury prevention tips
  • How to support injured coworkers
  • Improving customer service and reducing stress
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