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Hundreds of books discuss codependency, but here is a tip sheet/handout that summarizes almost everything a client would need to understand about this mental health issue. With this tip sheet at your finger tips  you will be have a take-away for  your therapy clients, patients, concerned persons, or others who need to learn more about creating change for themselves. Co-dependency issues can affect individuals at home or at work. Discover the reader of this tip sheet "get it" and see first-hand how awareness and treatment of co-dependency is golden path to improved relationships with others. Millions of people are affected by co-dependency, but it is a highly treatable behavioral and thinking pattern.

Codependency is a term used to describe problematic ways of thinking and behaving that contribute to adult relationship problems. Generally, these maladaptive behaviors are learned in one's family of origin. They reflect the spoken and unspoken rules, along with ways of coping that family members learned in the face of persistent physical or emotional issues. Codependency is a common problem, and much attention has been dedicated to understanding it and helping people overcome it.
Co-Dependency: Caring Until It Hurts
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