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Workplace Wellness Blog

Manager's Handbook for Handling Traumatic Events in the Workplace [Awesome/Download]

I made a golden find on the Internet. You will want this resource!I am always on the hunt for great great resources for HR and EAP professionals that can help them manage employees and managers, and reduce behavioral risk to the bottom line of the work organization. In the late 1990's, the U.S. Office of Personnel [...]

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Download Reproducible Holiday Stress Tip Sheet

Holiday stress and family conflicts are a common concern among employees. They can add to the difficulty of the season. We we decided to create this reproducible and editable tip sheet for workplace wellness.We think it hits all the right spots, including thinking ahead and preparing a personal care plan; understanding and responding to triggers; letting [...]

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Holiday Stress Management and Coping Tips for Family Get-togethers

Holiday family get-togethers can be stressful. All of those old childhood wounds can get reopened, and, in some families, new issues created. Even with families that appear to get along, beneath the calm can lurk no-talk rules, past grievances, "trigger-happy" topics, and untold hurt.Can you relax and enjoy your family this holiday season and leave the anxiety [...]

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2018 Report on Women in the Workplace

There's a lot of critical information to know in this new report on women in the workplace.Despite the push to grow more diverse and inclusive workplaces, African American women in top management positions are still very rare. You will find more important and intervention-worthy statistics in this document that you can download on this page.The new 2018 [...]

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Observing Performance in Supervisor Training: New Supervisors Must Get This Skill Right

Whether a supervisor dreads observing employee performance or believes that they excel at it, chances are that they’re not performing the task in the optimal way, especially if they are a new or first-time supervisor. There is training for new and first-time supervisors available online, but many miss this key skill.It’s an absolutely essential skill for supervisors, [...]

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Supervisor Training: Helping Create a Workplace Safety Culture that Really Pays Off

It's a fact. Peer pressure is amazingly powerful. Do you know why? And do you know why it can be so powerful in business and industry?Many employees, in fact all of us to some degree, have been conditioned to look at supervisors with ire and suspicion because they represent authority and they control something we highly [...]

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Overcoming Loneliness -- Download a Free Workplace Wellness Tip Sheet for HR and Employee Assistance Program (EAP)

DOWNLOAD FREE REPRODUCIBLE PDFDOWNLOAD FREE PDF & EDITABLE PACKAGEDespite the fact that people are connected more than ever through technology, more of us are experiencing loneliness. A recent study has found that feeling lonely doesn’t just contribute to more behavioral health prob-lems—it literally can shorten your life.Loneliness Adversely Affects HealthPeople who say they are lonely have [...]

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​Shifting Your Focus to Manage Stress

Temporarily shifting focus from the source of your anxiety to something non-stressful is a key stress management technique. There are many variations of how to do this successfully. A great example is taking a walk outside the house, working on a non-work related project, or completely changing one's environment temporarily.Taking your mind off the thing that keeps you [...]

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Stress Management Techniques and Tips: Fun Is Coming!

Oh boy, some Monday mornings can sure be difficult. Oh, and the Sunday night dread. Oh, what if it is a rainy Monday. Cold.Cold and rainy. Nope, doesn't get any worse. If only there was a way to change our attitude in a second because coffee barely scratches the surface. A book should be written [...]

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​Effective Workplace Communication that Reduces Coworker Conflict: Stop Reading Minds and Start Checking In

Is your coworker driving you nuts? If so, you may be making it worse by suspecting ulterior motives and hidden meanings in what they do or say. Does this experience sound familiar? If it does, know that you’re not paranoid. This hypervigilance is explained by nothing more than stress and the “fight or flight” syndrome all [...]

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