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Workplace Wellness Blog

Nine "Must-Have" Handouts for DOT Drug and Alcohol Training in Reasonable Suspicion for Supervisors

Reasonable Suspicion Training Preview --  {CLICK HERE} CLICK HERE TO SEE THE DOT TRAINING PROGRAM RUN ONLINE FREE If you are training supervisors in a two-hour, DOT Drug and Alcohol Training Course, will they walk out the door as unprepared to confront workplace substance abuse as when they walked in? They will unless effective take-away handouts and tip [...]

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​25 Ways to Beat Holiday Stress

Okay fellow EAP, HR, or workforce managers, let's take care of ourselves.If the thought of upcoming holidays fill you with dread, you’re not alone. Many people get stretched pretty thin this time of year by money and social obligations. Here are 25 ways to keep your sleigh on track this season.1. Set realistic expectations. Things [...]

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Reasonable Suspicion Training Online Should Include Printable Tip Sheets for Parents on Teenage Substance Abuse

Reasonable suspicion training online should always include PDFs that employees can both read and print, so they can retain them for future use. I would like to recommend that this online training in reasonable suspicion also have a couple handouts for parents to they can be better educated about substance abuse. Yes, I am saying [...]

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Make Spice/K2 part of your Reasonable Suspicion Training DOT Program on Drug and Alcohol Awareness

Regarding reasonable suspicion training DOT programming, the US Department of Transportation does not provide a huge amount of guidance on what drugs of abuse they want managers to be educated about other than alcohol, downers, uppers, PCP, hallucinogens, and marijuana. However, to keep up with the different types of drugs of abuse that can affect [...]

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DOT Drug and Alcohol Training Must Prepare Supervisors for a Tough and Unpleasant Challenge: Confrontation

Training supervisors to understand the signs and symptoms of substance abuse that may indicate a possibly intoxicated employee or an employee under the influence is the key challenge in DOT drug and alcohol training. However, helping supervisors overcome their anxiety and fear of confronting employees suspected of being under the influence is crucial, as well. This however, is [...]

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Five Keys to Effective DOT Drug and Alcohol Training Compliance to Obtain a DOT Reasonable Suspicion Training Certificate

The U.S. Department of Transportation requires regulated industries to have DOT drug and alcohol training of supervisory personnel overseeing safety-sensitive positions. This training, of course, must include one hour of drug awareness and one hour of alcohol awareness information that includes key drug types, signs, symptoms, effects, behaviors on the job, etc. Unfortunately, the DOT [...]

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12 Critical Topics for Employee Newsletters and Internal Corporate Health News Publications

 CLICK HERE TO DISCOVER FRONTLINE EMPLOYEE NEWSLETTEREmployees are your company's most valuable resource, but if they are ignored and left unattended to -- meaning without effective workplace communication and reasonable personal development opportunities, then they can potentially become your organization's most at-risk explosive financial nightmare. There are many ways to attend to your employees' [...]

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#HRNEWS - Helping Employees Ask for a Raise Is about Effective Workplace Communication

#HRNEWS - HR managers should help employees properly request a raise. I know it sounds counter-intuitive, but there is nothing wrong with helping your employees communicate more effectively with management. Here are some useful tips. A written request for a grade increase or promotion is more effective than an oral request. Help your employees understand [...]

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HR Managers: Your Employees Are Freaking Out ADHD Kids, and the Parent Freak Out

HR Managers – encourage use of the EAP to help parents reduce their level of freak about children being ADHD. They will get the employee to the right objective resource. Employees are losing all sense of reality when it comes to identifying whether children are ADHD. Attention-deficit Hyper-activity Disorder is diagnosed in the U.S. at nearly five times [...]

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Maximizing Your DOT Drug and Alcohol Training Reach with DOT Supervisor Training Online-Tools

WORKEXCEL ONLINE CATALOGMany companies must train DOT supervisors in drug and alcohol awareness so they can spot the signs and symptoms of an employee who might be under the influence while at work. Unfortunately, these businesses often remain extremely frustrated because no matter how hard the try, they can’t reach every supervisor with the needed [...]

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