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Stress Management Techniques with PowerPoint

FREE Stress Management ProgramWe all encounter stressful situations in our everyday lives, but with proper management, these situations do not have to control us. Stress can cause a raise in blood pressure, headaches, tension in the muscles or joints, chest pains, and anxiety. These are unnecessary in the workplace, and at, we strive to relieve work related stress. This will make work a healthy, enjoyable environment, and makes you more comfortable and productive. We do this by utilizing PowerPoint stress management techniques.

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Some PowerPoint stress management techniques include understanding stress, recognizing stressful situations and knowing how to handle them, and relaxation techniques for coping with stress. Let's face it: We all have a job to do, and we should be able to perform at the best of our ability while enjoying what we are doing. In the workplace this can best be accomplished with our stress management techniques illustrated through PowerPoint.

Understanding Stress
Stress is defined simply as the failure to adapt to change. What does this mean to you? Well, we have a constantly changing environment here at, and hope to help make the transition from phase to phase as easy as possible. With our PowerPoint stress management techniques, we can accomplish just that—a stress free working environment.

Recognizing Stressful Situations
Stressful situations are different for every person. These situations can cause you personal anxiety. These situations cause you to have tension, increased blood pressure, chest pains, or possibly headaches. And you should not have to experience these things in the workplace. Stress can lead to poor performance issues and cause even more stress. With, our stress management techniques utilizing PowerPoint will teach your employees how to handle this stress through animated slides, vibrant colors, and concise text.

Stress Management Techniques PowerPointHow To Handle Stressful Situations
One of the key things to identify when dealing with stress is to recognize your personal stress signals, or what caused you to feel stressed. Once you can identify the problem, the next step is to find ways to remove the stress from those situations. You and your employees will learn how to incorporate our PowerPoint stress management techniques into your daily life.

PowerPoint Stress Management Techniques
Although our complete packages for PowerPoint stress management techniques are essential for your employees to fully realize and understand the benefits of stress management in the workplace, we have included some general stress management techniques below:

Mental Stress Relieving Techniques
Use thought exercises and methods of mental relaxation to relieve stress.

Time Management - Learn to use your time wisely, put your work into levels of priority, and learn to delegate your tasks.
Organization - Keep your work area organized. This reduces stress by making tools needed to complete your job easily accessible.
Re-Label - This helps keep everything in its place and easy to find when needed.
Problem Solving - Take a look at what you are trying to accomplish and set goals for yourself. This gives you a feeling of well being when you accomplish what you set out to do!
Diversions - Learn to use diversions such as music, or hobbies to take your mind off of the stress.

Physical Stress Relieving Techniques

Physical Escape - Remove yourself from the situation for a moment. Stretch your muscles.
Breathe - Take a few deep breaths! This helps refocus your mind, and body for the task at hand.
Exercise - Move around a little! This can be one of the most relaxing techniques that you can do. This helps relax your body as well as your mind.
Meditate - Simply get your mind off of the situation for a few minutes, get refocused and get back to work.
Nutrition & Rest - Make sure that you eat a healthy diet and get enough sleep at night. This is a very important tool when dealing with stress.

Here at, we want you to have as little stress as possible. While on the job, practice these general stress management techniques while also incorporating them into your everyday life. At, we want you to enjoy your job and perform it to the greatest of your abilities. Call us at 1-800-626-4327 or send us an email if you have any questions about any of our products, or simply click here to order our PowerPoint stress management packages today!