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All Tip Sheets (Insane Savings) 135 Tip Sheets!

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Each fact sheet we sell is shown below. You get each module in three formats. We send the entire package on a CD and a hard copy and index in a large, labeled, 3-ring binder.

Have every topic at your finger tips. Our biggest discount for all tip sheets we've produced so far. Plus, we send you a CD with every free tip sheet we've ever offered. (That is correct -- another 20+ tip sheets in case you missed any of the free one's we've issued free over the past six years.) Save over $650 + + (reg. $17 each) by purchasing all fact sheets bundled as one.

Each fact sheet module comes in MS Publisher and MS Word, along with its PDF. We then record these formats to a CD in folders. Upload them to your computer and they are instantly at your fingertips. Each fact sheet is printed on glossy stock, and inserted into a top-loading sheet protector. Add, edit, imprint your name and phone number on your fact sheets, or use the content of fact sheets in other in-house publications.

You'll also discover our fact sheets have twice the content of similar products. And of course, we only used licensed mental health professionals with extensive workplace counseling, addiction treatment, and management training experience to approve the content.

Copy, distribute, e-mail, or post on your organization's Web site (password protection is required if fact sheets are used in this manner!!), distribute at health fairs, give to clients, or use text of the fact sheets in your in-house publications.

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