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D. E000 FREE Workplace Wellness Program Resources & Materials

Free workplace health promotion, reproducible fact sheets all year in three formats. There is such a thing as a free lunch!

Workplace and Employee Assistance Program Resources Tip Sheets FREE.

Join over 3500 of your peers. We give some away free all year long! Your employees and supervisors will love them. Fresh and topical, workplace health promotion, wellness, and mental health tip sheets for employees, clients, and supervisors.


Topics include....respect, family issues, workplace negativity, coworker conflicts, morale, supervision tips, diversity awareness and tolerance, and many more. See all workplace wellness program resources tip sheets here [PDF], but get started with some free ones on this page--and sign up to get more throughout the year! Tell your friends by launching your email here.

Stress management, making the holidays more positive, planning for a great New Year, safety and prevention, helping teenagers stay safe in summer, are just a few more of the topics we offer. We focus on health and wellness topics of national and seasonal concern that will help employees and family members. There simply is no better way to help your workplace health promotion program.

Fact sheets for workplace wellness programs are yours to keep and use as you wish. Copyright designation must remain and they can't be sold. But each comes in three formats: MS Word, MS Publisher, and PDF -- and that's awesome.

Fact sheets are for your employees, clients, patients, visitors to your health fairs, psychology office, health clinic or other wellness program. Edit, add your own input, put your name and phone number on them. Make them work for you!

We also produce groups of editable fact sheets that may be purchased separately. Keep your eyes open for discount coupons, too. Thanks for keeping this web site going! (There's no obligation, but we will let you know what's new from time to time.)

Be sure to tell
your colleagues, professional friends, and social service organizations about these free fact sheets. Use the E-mail link above.

Give us your requests for fact sheet topics. It will improve your workplace health promotion program and it will help others. If we produce a topic that you suggest, and you see it posted, be sure to ask for it. We will send it to you free!

Sign up and get your first free fact sheet immediately. Look for new groups of fact sheets for purchase at our store periodically.


We focus on the unusual topics you can't find easily or at all. You will discover that our workplace health promotion tip sheets tackle topics like improving the relationship with your supervisor, taking initiative on the job, reducing stress from media news overload, coping with  trauma affecting a family member far away like in Haiti, or being careful and cautious on college Spring Break. See the entire list on this web site.